Welcome to Metafluidics!

Thank you for visiting Metafluidics! We hope you will join our community of microfluidic makers, practitioners, and enthusiasts.

Metafluidics was built to provide a home for digital design files and all of the other information necessary to reproduce or remix a microfluidic device. Please create a profile for yourself and peruse the repository! There are devices and parts for you to make, and also a simple interface for you to add your own. We hope that this repository will inspire both veteran microfluidic experts and a whole new generation microfluidic makers and users.

As part of the launching of Metafluidics, we are excited to feature a collection of fluidic parts from one of the pioneers of the field of microfluidics, Dr. Todd Thorsen. Todd’s papers have been cited thousands of times, and we are thrilled to present the Thorsen Collection, a selection of microfluidic devices and original design files from his published repertoire. Going forward we are excited to add collections from other microfluidic makers!

You can follow us on social media via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also read the recently released Nature Biotechnology paper on Metafluidics.

Cheers and we look forward to your participation in the Metafluidics community!


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